SnowbordProCamp is a YouTube channel with tutorials about snowboarding. I must admit that this is the first snowboard channel for a long time, which I started to watch after all my injuries through which I couldn’t ride and which made me love snowboarding again.

There are shown the basics of snowboarding, tricks, snowboard equipment and all kinds of tips and tricks helpful both in the snow park and in freeride.

The channel was founded by Kevin Pearce and helped by Chris Eyres and TJ Kern.

Kevin has an unbelievable gift to pass on his knowledge and he does it so freely that I owe him renewed interest in snowboarding.

Chris is now injured (spine injury?) and no longer appears in new tutorials, but he was usually Kevin’s mate and he demonstrated everything Kevin talked about.

TJ Kern has always been somewhere next to him, because at the same time he is running his own Board Archive project, in which he presents snowboard reviews. TJ is a more technical rider and shows more advanced tricks and presents board reviews alternately on SnowboardProCamp and Board Archive channels.

Nowadays Kevin and TJ are the core of SnowboardProCamp and perform together, travel all over the world doing snowboarding tutorials from their trips.

Their first YouTube vid


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