Hybrid Camber (Snowboard Profile)

The hybrid camber (also known as loaded) profile is designed to combine the advantages of both technologies, it features rocker between the feet and camber under the feet. Many snowboard companies use this profile under various names, including Neversummer Ripsaw Rocker Camber, Burton’s Flying V, Lib Tech’s C2 Banana, and many others.

The benefit of hybrid camber is versatility.  It provides looseness due to rocker between the feet and float in powder for the same reason. While camber under the feet gives edge hold and some degree of stability and pop, however not as much a full cambered board. Generally, this profile feels more like a rocker than camber.


  • Versatile, best of both worlds
  • Loose feel and easy turning
  • Floats well in powder
  • Provides better edge hold and pop than full rocker


  • Can feel unstable on rails
  • Not as stable at speeds as camber or CamRock

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