Terrain beyond the resort boundaries without marked trails and natural obstacles such as trees and cliffs. It can also be a geographical area that is remote, undeveloped, isolated, or difficult to access.

GoPro Snow: Epic BC Backcountry Snowboarding with Travis Rice

Riding on such a terrain can be very dangerous due to the fact that they are often not suitable for riding and you may encounter many dangers, such as stones or tree branches, which cannot be seen under the snow.

The Fourth Phase: How Travis Rice Survived a HEAVY Avalanche

You should also take into account the avalanche danger and be properly prepared in case of snow avalanche, e.g. use specialist avalanche airbags and transmitters, which in case of burial in the snow will allow the rescue team to quickly find you.


Most known backcountry snowboarders

Some snowboarders specializes only in backcountry riding and we would like to present a few of them in this section.

Jeremy Jones

Backcountry Snowboarding With Jeremy Jones
BEING: Jeremy Jones | X Games
Jeremy Jones first descent in the Himalayas – Behind The Cover March 2014

Travis Rice

The Art of FLIGHT | Official Trailer
The Fourth Phase | OFFICIAL 4K TRAILER
Winning run Travis Rice – Snowboard Men – Freeride Hakuba 4* FWQ17

Victor de Le Rue

Victor de le Rue’s Frozen Mind
Sweet & Sour: Behind the Scenes with Victor de Le Rue
Victor de Le Rue Shreds! | Alive & Kickin

Kazu Kokubo

Kazu Kokubo’s “Kamikazu” – Official Trailer
Kazu Kokubo – STRONGER, The Union Team Movie | Full Part
Kazu Kokubo – CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome 2 – STAY BAD ASS Full Part