Ryan Knapton

One of the most positive snowboarders, best known for his mad carving skills. Very friendly towards his audience, answers most of the questions in his YouTube videos. On his channel he presents riding techniques focusing on carving and various types of technical advice to make life easier for every snowboarder.

Smooth Snowboarding

You can often see him riding with a wide range of famous YouTube snowboarders including TJ Kern, Johnathan Buckhouse, David Jones and many others including regular viewers (who else does that?).

Edge Control Level: Ridiculous

A keen supporter of wide boards, which allow for carving without a toe drag. Ryan rides on Donek boards customized to his individual needs. Donek makes even his own board called Knapton Twin.

Back in the days Ryan was sponsored by Burton riding the half-pipe.

Video Resume that got me Sponsored by Burton! 1995-1996

Ryan is so popular there were many debates on Reddit! about him: