How to wash IceSkull Snowboard Hoodie

Let me be honest with you. You need to take care of your waterproof clothing if you want it to last longer.

You cannot just put it in the washing machine on the default mode and go for a beer, you’re gonna have a bad time if you do that.

So, how to wash our hoodies?

  • Machine wash in warm water (max 30°C / 85°F)
  • A machine dryer may not be used (line dry)
  • Do not use a bleacher!
  • Do not iron in high temperatures (you can iron it through a thin fabric in low temperature
    30°C / 85°F)
  • Do not use fabric softener to prevent DWR coating go away
  • Close up all zips to stop them snagging in the machine

We would recommend to use specialized wash-in cleaners for waterproof fabrics.

DWR treatments are heat activated. In short the heat will allow the DWR coated micro fibres to stand up on end, allowing water to repel better. There are several way to activate it:

  • Put the hoodie in the tumble dryer on a low heat for 15 minutes
  • Leave the hoodie on a warm radiator
  • Iron on a low heat with a piece of material between the iron
  • Use a hair dryer to gently dry the item